Our ReTank® process makes any existing single wall FRP tank into a modernized, double wall tank, with hydrostatic monitoring. During this upgrade, a Containment Solutions Field Service Technician constructs an entirely new, UL listed, fiberglass tank inside of an existing tank. This new tank can handle all modern fuel blends, including E100; gains all the functionality of a double wall tank; and is a fraction of the cost of installing a new tank.


The new interior tank is fabricated in sections, then installed into the existing tank while it is still in the ground. While inside your tank, our technician will upgrade all fittings to current standards, and perform a full inspection. By the end of the upgrade, your old single wall is a new, double wall, hydrostatically monitored tank.


ReTank® gives you all the advantages of a modern tank without the hassle of removing an old tank, including but not limited to:


  • Corrosion resistance and structural performance
  • Compatibility with methanol, ethanol, and all oxygenated motor fuels (see limited warranty)
  • Access to all tank top fittings and equipment
  • Hydrostatic pressure, air pressure, vacuum, or dry sensor monitoring of new annular space



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