The UL 2215 model is a premium oil/water separator with next level performance. It is designed for continuous flow which is a significant distinction when comparing oil/water separators.  These separators meet construction requirements for the holding vessel and undergo performance testing under simulated operating conditions to ensure their capabilities.


Tank Drawings:

UL separator sizes range from 500-40,000 gallons based on flow rate and coalescer pack count.  Only a small sample of the UL model separator drawings are available for download.  If you would like more information on UL 2215 separators or need a UL tank model currently unavailable on the website contact a CSI representative.


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Performance Features:


          •  Removes free floating oils and settable solids for oil/water mixtures to achieve an effluent

             quality not to exceed 10 PPM (mg/L) of free hydrocarbons.

          •  Removes free oil droplets required to achieve 10 ppm effluent quality.


All CSI Oil/Water Separator Tanks are designed and tested in accordance with the following criteria.


          •  Stokes law

          •  The APO manual on disposal of refinery wastes

          •  API bulletin no. 1630 first edition

          •  API bulletin no. 421

          •  UL-1316

          •  ASTM D-4021

          •  EPA Test Methods 413.1 & 413.2

          •  US Coast Guard 46CFR 162.050


Coalescer Technology:


State-of-the-art enhanced oleophilic coalescers are positioned in a cross-flow configuration, a technically advanced design.  Coalescer plates are removable for ease of maintenance.

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