Aboveground Residential Tanks



Regardless of where you live you have probably been subjected to voluntary or mandatory water restrictions. These are typically during summer months when temperatures and water use peaks for irrigation. The irony is that the over use of water during this time of year causes the water restrictions which in turn leads to lost vegetation and landscaping.


CSI manufactures a line of residential fiberglass rainwater tanks, we like to refer to as our Water Geek™ tanks. All tanks are 6′ tall and vary in diameter from 36″ – 66″. Tank capacities range from 300 – 1,050 gallons but tanks can also be connected together to create nearly any footprint and volume you need. Unlike alternative tanks that can be an eyesore, CSI tanks are available in two neutral colors or you can purchase an unfinished tank and paint it to match your house. This is the perfect solution for those ready to upgrade your rain barrel.


Color Options: "Intellectual Gray", "Forest Green", "Unfinished"*

  • Unfinished tanks may not be available in every area. Painting is required by the homeowner on an unfinished tank but customer can choose the color and paint brand. We recommend glossy or semi-gloss for best aesthetic finish.


Determining the right size First Flush Filter/Diverter can extend the life of your system and reduce, if not eliminate, future tank maintenance. Pollutants entering a storage system will accumulate over time, but a proper first flush filter diverts the first few gallons of the most contaminated water away allowing only the cleanest water to enter the tank. To use our calculator click the link below.



First Flush Calculator


What can you do?

Efficient water use is increasingly important to us all. With growing populations and limited supplies of both groundwater and surface water, we must use water wisely. Rainwater harvesting is an innovative approach anyone can use. Aboveground rainwater harvesting tanks from Containment Solutions are the perfect choice for a backyard application. A simple 500 gallon fiberglass tank can supply clean water throughout the year even during mandatory water restrictions for basic water consumption like flower beds or washing cars.


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First Flush (FF) Calculator

Research and testing suggest the amount of water diverted through a first flush filter should be determined based on:

  • The surface area of the roof
  • The estimated amount of pollutants on the roof


You can use the calculator below to work out how much rainwater you need to divert and a recommended size of a first flush filter design. Calculate by entering the approximate roof area square footage being collected, and the pollution level percent. The pollution percentage is a subjective estimation. 0% would be a tin roof with no trees  or winds and 100% might be an asphalt roof under tall trees in the forest.

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