Complete Installation instructions and supplemental instructions for all CSI products can be found on this website or provided upon request. We have worked hard to build a comprehensive and easy-to-understand document/media library to support proper and safe installations of all of our environmentally conscious products.


Training Materials

This section includes printable and downloadable documents for standard installations. You will find supplemental documents here for atypical excavations, applications and more. All PowerPoint® installation instructions and installation exams are available for downloading in this section.


Please Note: Your work is crucial in assuring long-term tank performance.  Improper installation can lead to tank failure, product release, and environmental contamination.  Because proper installation is critical, successful contractors should make sure their crews receive proper education in Containment Solutions installation procedures.


We strongly encourage you to contact your local sales representative several weeks before tank delivery, to schedule a contractor training session for your crew.  Should you decide to proceed with training on your own, below are links to the publications required to complete our contractor training program.


Once the presentation is concluded and the exams have been taken, a Confirmation of Training -  Attachment E form must be completed and submitted to CSI prior to tank delivery.  To obtain a copy of the Confirmation of Training - Attachment E form, please call your local sales representative.


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For access to the Contractor and Regulator Training Materials please view this web page on a device with a larger display or call 1.877.CSI.TANK