When concrete manholes need to be rehabilitated, the most common option is replacement. Sometimes, however, the logistics of a complete replacement are too expensive, require road closures, excavations, and extending the amount of time the sanitary sewer line is offline. In these circumstances, municipalities look for alternatives to replacement, and rehabilitation is the solution.


CSI Fiberglass Manholes were developed in 1972. Since then, tens-of-thousands of our manholes have been installed throughout the U.S. in diverse soil types and varying effluents, without a single failure.


Under certain circumstances total structural degradation of pre-cast concrete manholes can occur in less than 5 years.  Instead of continuing to patch perpetually corroding concrete, simply reline the existing structure with one of our fiberglass rehabilitation manholes. Designed to slip inside the existing, degrading manhole, rehab manholes are a long-term, cost-effective solution. Manufactured using the same process as our standard fiberglass manholes, rehab manholes still stand up to H20 traffic loads, as well as the effects of hydrogen sulfide in sewer gas. They meet or exceed the requirements of:


ASTM D-3753 Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Manholes.


Thanks to the convenient slide-in method of installation, rehab manholes do not require unearthing older corroding manholes, saving you time and money.  Rehabilitation manholes carry our standard structural and corrosion limited warranty in effect at the time of shipment.



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