Compartment Tanks



Compartment tanks are built by dividing a double-wall storage tank with a bulkhead, creating two independent storage areas. They are a popular choice for retail petroleum marketers interested in storing multiple blends for fuel including diesel.


Since compartment tanks can be divided internally to accommodate two or more grades of fuel, they allow the site designer to plan for any ratio of fuel storage. These tanks are often used for sites where property is limited and installing multiple tanks is difficult. The design versatility of a CSI compartment tank can meet unique customer requests as well as local requirements.


All of our tanks are manufactured using the same advanced technology, which means our compartment tanks offer the same reliability, corrosion resistance, and advanced engineering design as provided with our single and double-wall tank product lines. A standard compartment tank consists of one double-wall bulkhead, but complex designs can include more bulkheads to form multiple storage areas.




  • Reduced shipping costs with fewer tanks
  • Fuel grade storage ratios maximized
  • Smaller excavation sites and fewer labor man hours during installation
  • Site is more adaptable to changing consumer demands




The double-wall bulkhead is a solid fiberglass separator that forms a non-porous wall between two compartments. The open channel between the two bulkheads is connected directly to the tank’s annular space. This allows the bulkhead and double-wall tank to be monitored concurrently. Double-wall models with brine can be hydrostatically monitored, offering the very best protection for your compartment tank storage system.


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