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While the basic method behind our manufacturing process hasn’t changed much since we first started producing FRP tanks in 1964, we have advanced our practices with the times. Through the integration of automated systems and implementation of precision quality control practices, what used to be done entirely by a steady hand and a good eye is now more automated, making it easier, faster, and much more consistent.


Our Fiberglass Tanks are made on steel molds from the Inside Out


We use rotating cylindrical steel molds, called mandrels, to fabricate our tanks from the inside out. The mandrels provide a firm, smooth foundation for the interior of our tanks. As the mandrel rotates, the system applies resin, glass, and specially treated silica from above. The rotation of the mandrel and the application of the raw materials are controlled by a custom computer system, designed to fabricate each tank’s walls to stringent specifications.


By measuring the strength of the magnetic field given off by the metal mandrel through the FRP, we can accurately measure the thickness of the tank wall at any given point. Using this method, we take a minimum of 400 point measurements in order to confirm a specific thickness throughout the tank walls. These quality control processes allow us to consistently produce uniform thickness, high integrity tanks.


Different Process, Better Results


Our patented inside-out process results in the highest quality tanks on the market. Since the inside of the tank is the first layer of material applied directly to the mandrel, it is not exposed to air as it cures. Exposing uncured FRP to air can cause surface imperfections. While other manufacturing methods must use additional materials to correct for this, our process allows us to avoid these problems altogether.  That means the inside surface of our tanks, the part that physically contacts your product, is at the lowest achievable risk of surface imperfections. This translates to customer benefits in the form of an impermeable interior, made of one, reliable material, that will not particulate into the product you store inside it.


Another advantage of working from the inside out is the ability to easily add material. This makes correcting any defects, adding support ribs or fittings, and other specific adjustments fast and easy while still maintaining the benefits of our process and upholding our strict quality control standards.




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