Containment Solutions’ KomboTank™ System is designed to provide product storage options for the dispensing of new or the collection of used products. Storage options are available in a variety of combinations for automotive oil products (new/used oil, new/used antifreeze, new/new…etc.). This system features complete 360º secondary containment for not only both primary tanks, but also all of the tank top assembly items on each tank unit. Additional features include a locking, self-containing, and self-diking cabinet style that provides tamper resistant security, as well as protection from the elements for indoor or outdoor installations.


The versatility of this unique design will meet any specific requirements for the end user, as well as enhance the overall aesthetics for the vehicle service operation.


A complete selection of Containment Solutions storage systems are available nationwide. Our experienced sales staff is ready to assist you in selecting the tank that best fits your needs, or to custom design a complete system for you.


Standard Features:


Superior environmental protection

Engineered to meet national and local codes

Eliminates underground liability

Tamper-proof self containment

(2) locking security doors with view ports

Versatile applications — indoor and outdoor

Movable by forklift

UL-142 aboveground flammable liquid primary storage tank

UL-listed air operated suction pump

Environmental security enclosure cabinet

110% secondary containment capacity

Automatic overflow protection

Audible overspill alarm

Liquid level indicator

100% observable primary and secondary tanks

Corrosion resistant exterior coating




2-hour fire protection, UL-2085

Collection caddy


Calibration Charts:


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