Deadmen Anchor systems



CSI can provide pre-fabricated deadmen tank anchors for single, double, and triple-wall fiberglass storage tanks; engineered to American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards. Deadmen anchors provide a means to prevent installed fiberglass tanks from floating out of the ground when the tank installation is subject to ground water around the tank. Deadmen anchors are just as effective at preventing tank flotation but cost less than a concrete pad under the tank.


CSI deadmen allow the connection of the fiberglass hold down strap end to the deadman anchor point using wire rope, turnbuckles, or other mechanical connections. The deadmen are manufactured with slots that allow the anchor points to be easily moved along the deadmen for alignment with tank anchor points during installation. The deadmen type, lengths, and the number of anchor points are dependent upon the tank diameter, model, and capacity.


Deadmen, turnbuckles and more can be supplied by CSI and will arrive on the same trailer as your storage tank saving you valuable time and delivery expenses


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