Rainwater Harvesting



Containment Solutions fiberglass rainwater tanks are non-corrosive and long lasting, perfect for sustainable water management. The tanks can also be fit with filtering components to separate oil and other contaminants, if necessary. Tank sizes range from 300 – 60,000 gallons.


With water rates increasing each year, collecting and reusing rainwater is a smart and economical investment. Flowtite® fiberglass water tanks are simply the best choice for water storage. The non-corrosive tanks are built to last a long time. Rainwater harvesting is not a new concept but is being used in new ways like green roofs, chilled water for cooling towers and custom fountains. Traditional applications include landscape irrigation, farming/ranching water supplies and graywater for toilets. Calculating how much water you need to store depends upon several factors like annual rainfall, typical usage totals and specific intent for collected water.


Rainwater Harvesting:


  • is environmentally friendly
  • prevents soil erosion by reducing rainfall runoff
  • can be self-sufficient and is sustainable
  • conserves energy from potable water processes
  • reduces the runoff and flood burden on cities/municipalities
  • can contribute up to 12 LEED® credits or more depending on location




Choose from the following water storage options for your project:


Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Tank sizes range from 600 – 60,000 gallons


Aboveground Commercial Water Storage Tanks

Tank sizes range from 1,250 – 20,000 gallons


Aboveground Residential Rainwater Tanks

Tank sizes range from 300 – 1,050 gallons


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