Product Compatibility



Fiberglass Products


All double and triple-wall underground petroleum tanks we manufacture are compatible with all blends of alcohol and ethanol including E-100. Our tanks are also capable of safely storing biodiesel blends including B100. Other compatible products include ReTank®, BTU® (Biofuel Tank Upgrade), DEF Storage Tanks, and additive storage tanks. Single wall underground tanks, oil/water separators, and interceptors are compatible with all wastewater and potable water applications.


For the Fuel Storage Compatibility Document  Click Here


Steel Products


All Vault and LubeCube® tanks manufactured for petroleum dispensing are compatible with all blends of alcohol including E-100. However, manual and automatic tank gauging is required to adhere to a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Our lubricant storage tanks are compatible with all forms of automotive fluid.


Note: The primary tank shall be inspected monthly for the presence of water at the lowest possible points inside the primary tank.  Remove any water found. Water and sediment in fuel can cause plugging of filters. Also, bacterial growth, originating from the fuel can cause corrosion of tanks and lines. For procedures on how to check for the presence of water and removal of water, refer to API Recommended Practice 1621 and API Standard 2610.

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