Urban development introduces impervious surfaces to an environment, which prevent stormwater from soaking into the ground. Common impervious surfaces include parking lots, highways, rooftops, etc. These surfaces cause runoff water to funnel through waterways and out of the city too quickly to be absorbed naturally. The result is a situation where areas with average rainfall suffer from flooding during normal rains and unnecessary drought conditions during expected dry periods. One solution is to collect and store flood water for use during drier times.


Collecting stormwater often begins with storm drains built directly into streets and parking lots. These drains would then channel the water to a Flowtite® Stormwater tank. With the proper accessories attached to your storage tank, collected water can be filtered and reused in both indoor and outdoor applications to minimize overall potable water usage.


Below is a cutaway of a typical Stormwater Collection application. Click on the illustraiton for more details.

Stormwater Collection



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